GTS® is constantly seeking talented and skillful IT professionals who are able to solve our customers´ requests.

How to apply


If you want to be a part of our team, do not hesitate to fill out the following form.

Fill out the form with your personal information, location, professional details, educational details and experience details, finally attach your CV and send the form. Our staff will receive and review your information and check if your profile fit with a vacancy position.

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Our affiliate network

GTS® has achieved important alliances with prestigious entities in Costa Rica to benefit our collaborators and their families.

COOPENAE – The National Cooperative of Educators is a credit union, with extensive expertise in the market of Costa Rica which provides financial solutions and mutuality.

Affiliated since 2011.

VIDA PLENA – Operadora de Pensiones del Magisterio Nacional, this entity operates and manages both complementary and voluntary retirement pension funds for Costa Rican educators.

Affiliated since 2013.

Clínica Médica Sin Fronteras y Centro Radiologico Sin Frontera settled in Cartago, Costa Rica, and provides medical treatment, and it is supported by a professional medical staff and modern healthcare technology.

Affiliated since 2015.

Tutor Joe and his teaching team have been providing online tutorials and assisting companies and individuals for over 15 years.

His tutorials specialize in providing learners with a quality curriculum that is business-oriented which allows them to feel comfortable and explore their customers and employer’s demands all over the world.