IT Outsourcing

Software development projects through external management and outsourcing related to information technology form part of our main customer base.

What does IT Outsourcing mean?

IT Outsourcing subcontracts technology information, allowing your company to use a professional team that can analyze, execute, and support your internal and external software development.

Service Value


Our customers have access to the experience and expertise of our qualified IT staff; involving software consultants, designers, engineers, programmers, and technicians. Providing an important asset for the GTS® professional portfolio. Therefore, your software development as well as your specific IT requirements are met by our specialized team.

Efficiency Improvement

GTS® leads an outsourced team of professionals, who are able to provide solutions that cover IT needs and operations, your company’s efficiency and productivity will be improved leaving you free to develop other areas.

Cost Reductions

Subcontracting our services will help your company reduce employment costs, staff training, and updating, as well as labor charges such as social security, vacations, taxes, retirement payouts, and associated issues. Therefore, a general reduction in your IT expenses are achieved.

Specialized Team of Consultants

Once secured, the services of a specialized IT provider gives your company the most efficient team of experts and skilled professionals who will fulfill your information technology requirements.

Focusing on your business

GTS® will be responsible for recruiting the team in charge of managing all IT solutions to guarantee that your company focuses on developing your business. Competitiveness, efficiency, and flexibility will become an integral part of your operations; our IT team will suggest improvements aimed at enhancing the productivity of your company and improving its appearance to your clients.

Reducing your investment

Our service reduces your investment in technology while you reap the benefits and take advantage of our facilities and equipment. This budget may be used in other areas of your company, therefore, reducing costs in other departments.

Technological Platform

Our teams are experienced with Microsoft.Net (C#.Net, VB.Net, ASP.Net), JAVA, JavaScript, PHP, and other essential computing tools.

Main features of the Service

The main operational characteristics of IT outsourcing.



GTS® has staff with different profiles of expertise and experience, from junior and intermediate to senior analyst-developers, enabling you to choose what is most beneficial for your business.

Time Limits


The contract outline varies according to the company’s needs, and the time limits can be varied to meet the customer’s request.



We operate three possible ways of providing our service: operating directly at your premises or from our premises in Cartago, Costa Rica, or operating at both.

Our Tariffs


To help our customers, our service is invoiced monthly either hourly or based on a flat rate.

Why we are different

Elements that distinguish our Information Technology Outsourcing service.


GTS® is staffed by a professional team of software developers with expertise in up-to-date technologies and are able to meet each project’s needs.


As a responsible company, GTS® protects our assigned consultants with all related social guarantees and policies.


GTS® provides a permanent Team Leaders as part of the package. Therefore, a remote technical consultant will be assigned as a part of our post-service support.


We provide office space for our staff to make use of which are equipped with the appropriate network infrastructure and Internet connectivity in order to be in constant communication with our clients.


Our consultants have graduated from leading universities and colleges in Costa Rica. They have corresponding qualifications and academic degrees in Information Technology.


All of our teams are equipped with the latest generation laptop, therefore they are able to carry out each task efficiently to meet the requirements of the company.


We have the appropriate licensing for software development on Microsoft® technologies, allowing us access to the latest tools and platforms on the market.


In order to safeguard our customers’ interests, GTS® is able to carry out the signing of confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure of information.