Websites and Mobiles

GTS® is constantly updating its services to benefit clients with up to the minute technology with supporting internet and Mobile apps.

Why is the Internet relevant?

Internet users from all over the world have made the web an integral part of their life. Smartphone growth is proportional and keeps increasing every day. Since 2012 smartphone sales have increased more than desktop computers, portable devices, and netbooks.

Reasons to be on Internet


  • Encourages interaction with customers enabling new business opportunities.
  • Generates exposure to new prospective markets.
  • Improves productivity and information management.
  • Creates a new means of contact, increasing the return of potential customers.
  • Prompt response to customer’s inquiries.
  • Enhance B2B communication.
  • Allows consumers to form an opinion of your business.

Whatever service your business provides, owning a website is essential.


Websites, Apps, and Trends

GTS® provides a team of consultants, designers, and developers to make your website fully customized. From static web pages to business, institutional, to e-commerce, we assure the creation of a website using the highest standard technologies as well as their compatibility with web browsers.

Responsive Web


Responsive Web Designing techniques allow your website to be adapted to all virtual platforms, from your laptop screen to smartphones and/or digital tablet. 


Mobile Device Apps


Whether your project requires a native mobile app implementation, our team of professionals depends on understanding the application programming through Android, Apple, and Windows Phone.


Mobile First


GTS® has adopted the Mobile First approach, which is to give priority to mobile devices during the making of a website, not only to open new growth opportunities but also to enhance the user’s experience of the site itself.